A detailed guide: How to Hit a 6 Iron, Tips, Tricks, and Benefits

The 6 iron is considered part of the “mid-iron” range. It is an excellent choice for more forceful shots. The standard distance for the average golfer is 140 to 160. However, Tiger Woods famously struck a 6 iron 218 yards over water and landed it 18 feet from the cup. 


The more complex your swing thoughts are, the worse off you’ll be. As you keep participating in this sport, you’ll come to realize how crucial it is to make your swing thinking as straightforward as possible. Eventually, all that will matter is going through the motions of the sport itself.

If you are using a 6 iron, you may look at a shot between 140 and 170 yards. At some point, you may doubt your ability to make solid contact with the ball and whether you have the swing speed necessary to get the ball onto the green. Orlimar Golf Intercept Single Length Iron Set is perfect, making medium-range shots of 140 to 179 and even 180 yards.

As a direct consequence, you swing more forcefully, miss more ball contact, and come away from that shot feeling angry. If you want to achieve lethal yardage with your 6-iron, you will still need to produce an excellent swing, regardless of how aggressive you play the game. 

All you really need to do is make firm contact with your ball; after that, getting your shot into the air should not be too much of a problem.

Following are the essential key points you need to follow.

Target something specific

Modest targets result in small misses. You need to swing forcefully at a tiny or precise target. We often tend to place an excessive emphasis on making contact with the ball rather than producing a more natural and athletic motion. It includes flinging our clubs and our hands toward the target.

Humans are gravity geniuses. You could improve your golf game by selecting a target both in the distance and an intermediate target and making a more natural movement toward the ball.

To improve our golf swings, each of us has to stop attempting to control every aspect of the swing and instead learn to let go. It is critical to let your body and mind do the labor. This process must begin with the objective in sight.

Give up control to obtain it. Focusing on a target during the swing is key. Put your hands, shoulders, and head down. Instead, create a fluid, athletic move and let gravity and 6 iron help you.

Strike the same spot Consistently

6 iron

The ability to control where the club strikes the ground is the most important factor. The golfer with a larger handicap is likely to have a greater degree of variance in the location at which the club touches the ground. Sometimes this may be as much as five or six inches behind the ball, or maybe even above the ball, and it will never touch the ground at any point.

All of these issues stem from the exact root cause, which is the difficulty of transferring sufficient weight onto the front foot on a constant basis. 

When the weight is held back for an excessive amount of distance, you have the option to either strike the ball into the ground or swing over the ball. Both of these misses were caused by a lack of control over the weight shift or by an insufficient amount of weight being carried on the front side. It is essential when using a 6 iron since the irons are becoming longer.

Comprehend the flight

Understanding the ball’s movement and the shot and angle you select are essential!

You need to have complete command over the degree of loft that your golf strokes achieve a 6 iron in your hand. Because it enables you to play specific sorts of shots with which you may have difficulty using particular golf clubs, having control over the loft is a crucial part of the game.

Did you know that hitting a perfectly straight golf shot is one of the hardest hits? It is pretty challenging to align the face of your club with the course of your swing for every single shot. However, a professional 6 iron such as Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Individual Iron makes it possible.

It makes more sense to comprehend the flight of the ball in order to play good shots. If golfers are careful to choose the appropriate piece of equipment and direction of the moment, they should not have any trouble controlling the trajectory of the ball.

Control the swing

control the swing

Controlling the speed and agility of your swing is the most important factor in determining the quality of your shot. Some players may position the ball next to their front foot and then try to hit it into the air with a very wristy swing. This is one good strategy that is used.

A significant number of golfers do not have sufficient self-assurance about the pace of their swing to believe that they are capable of striking the ball with enough force. This is, in large part, a fallacy.

To get the ball airborne, all you need to do is take a swing with your 6 iron which is full of commitment and has adequate swing speed. It’s simply science.

Devise your strategy

Winning the game becomes easy when you have a proper strategy. You need to devise your shots in a planned manner. Each shot should bring you closer to your goals. It is the only way forward if you want to improve your game. 


The 6 iron is a difficult club to hit, but if you follow the advice above, it should become somewhat less difficult. Callaway Golf Rogue ST MAX Individual Iron will make it easy for you to play better shots.

The majority of golfers, however, have trouble achieving the level of confidence necessary to shoot low scores with their long irons, even though confidence is vital for shooting low scores. This idea is crucial to understand because long irons are much harder to hit than short ones. Knowing this will help you make better choices on the course.

Your chances of succeeding at these long iron shots improve in direct proportion to the degree to which you have prepared for them.

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