The Rundown On The Awesomely Powerful Callaway Rogue Driver

There are many factors at work when creating the perfect golf club, but one of the most important ones is optimizing the weight distribution. Most clubs have the weight advantage on their heads, leading to more mishits. 

Callaway has created something different with the new Rogue driver, though. They moved some of the weight outside the head and used lighter materials in other parts to help players get more air under their ball without sacrificing power. Let’s see what Callaway Rogue driver has to offer for the golfer.

Callaway Rogue driver First Impressions

The first thing that strikes you about this driver is how light it feels in your hand. It’s also very well-balanced, so it feels like there’s nothing to it at all as you swing through the ball. It has a great sound at impact, and its feel is solid too. There are no unwanted vibrations or harshness to take away from the experience of hitting shots with it.

Callaway Rogue Driver Performance

Callaway’s Rogue driver features a low-drag aerodynamic profile that delivers optimal ball speed. This is achieved by reducing the overall weight of the club head, using titanium and magnesium in strategic locations to maintain proper balance, and increasing the loft to create a high launch angle. The result? A driver with more distance than ever before. In fact, if you love hitting drives on par-4 or longer holes, this club is for you!

In addition to distance capabilities, this driver comes with an array of premium components designed to increase accuracy from tee to green. The most notable feature is undoubtedly its adjustable hosel that allows you to change your lie angle from neutral (standard) or closed/open positions depending on what works best for your game at any given moment. Plus, an adjustable face angle system allows you to switch between standard square face angles and +1° open faces, perfect for golfers who struggle to hit off-center hits with their current setup!

Callaway Rogue driver Head

The Callaway Rogue driver head is a large, 460cc model designed to be forgiving. This makes it a good choice for beginners or golfers who hit their drives too far left or right from the intended target. The Callaway Rogue driver head also has a low and deep center of gravity, which provides more forgiveness on off-center hits.

Callaway Rogue driver Grip

The grip of the Callaway Rogue driver has been designed to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible. The material is a soft Kukui wood with a graphite inlay, which helps you get a good grip on your club while improving its performance.

The weight of the Callaway Rogue driver is just right: not too heavy or too light. With its design and technology, this is one of the best drivers on our list because it’s so well-balanced, literally and figuratively!

Callaway Rogue driver Shaft

The Callaway Rogue driver shaft is a lightweight, low-launch, and low-spin shaft designed to help golfers get the ball into the air more consistently. This is accomplished by increasing swing speed while also reducing spin rate. The Rogue is available in three flexes: regular, stiff, and extra stiff. It features the same technology as Callaway’s other premium drivers.

Which types of golfers fit Callaway Rogue Driver?

The Callaway Rogue Driver is a good option for both high-handicap and scratch golfers. However, it might be the best choice for you based on your skill level. The Rogue Driver is an excellent choice for high-handicap golfers who want to hit more fairways with their driver and lower scores. Its “player” model, which has a slightly higher loft than standard models, makes it an appealing option for scratch players who want more distance off the tee without sacrificing workability or control. High-handicap golfers will appreciate the driver’s forgiveness and ability to hit more fairways. Scratch golfers will appreciate the easy launch and long carry with more significant drivers.

Callaway Rogue driver Pros

callaway rogue driver

Adjustability Capabilities

The Rogue driver is available in a wide range of lofts (9°, 10.5°, or 12°), which allows golfers to get the right fit for their game. The adjustable hosel system allows golfers to customize their loft and lie angle. The adjustable hosel system will also enable golfers to experiment with different shafts and flexes to find the best combination.

Longer Than Average

The Rogue is one of the longest drivers on the market today, with a clubhead length that measures 45 inches, while most drivers are closer to 45.75″ long. This gives golfers an extra five yards of carry distance on average compared to other drivers on the market today

Stable And Forgiving

The Rogue features a high MOI design which helps create more consistency in your ball flight by reducing spin, which leads to more forgiveness off-center hits.

Main Features of the Callaway Rogue driver 


One of the most extended sticks out there, particularly if you tee the ball up high; a few testers don’t even need an extra club on medium-length par 3s. Distance is the most important factor when it comes to drivers, and while there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, it’s safe to say that if you want more distance out of your driver, you need a bigger club head. 

That means either a larger sweet spot or more weight in the back of the club head. The Callaway Rogue driver offers both: You get less spin on your shots, so they fly farther thanks to less drag from the air around them.


The Rogue is one of the most forgiving drivers on the market, so it’s easy to hit. Plus, it has an excellent feel and sound, making it even easier to control.

The Rogue shines in its ability to keep your shots straight. The forgiveness makes hitting off-center more forgiving than most other drivers, which means you won’t be losing as many balls in the woods or water hazards!


It is nice and light with excellent balance; the overall sensation is crisp, lively, and very easy to swing fast; feedback is easy to decipher.

The Rogue’s feel is crisp and lively, with plenty of feedback that is easy to decipher. It feels exceptionally light when you swing it because it has an above-average swing weight for a driver at D2.


The high-MOI design and the deep face angle make it easier to hit from any lie and at any speed. It also makes it easier to play around with your ball position (more on that later.

The Rogue driver’s draw bias helps you correct off-line shots slightly suitable (for righties). Draws come off high, solid, and penetrating—not bad for a bomb driver.


It’s rare that a manufacturer can deliver on almost every aspect of a new product, but Callaway has certainly done it with their Rogue driver. The Callaway Rogue driver is an easy club to swing fast, giving you what you want from a driver with more distance than most. The look and feel of the club are also perfect for any golfer who wants to hit longer drives off the tee. 

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